“We don’t sell products, we deliver experiences” At Parker&Morgan we are forward thinking, people focused, responsible and influential. Our values today are the same as when we first began - “Quality, Integrity, Teamwork and Partnership.” These values are so important to us, because in simple terms, they are key to building bridges that span generations and the test of time. We believe that Sleep & Wellness is not reserved for the privileged, but is a way of life that is accessible to all. Our brands connect people, products and experiences that result in sustainable, loyal relationships.


    Focus on customers as true individuals
    Make lives better
    Pursue fair, collaborative associations that contribute to the greater good
    Anticipate hurdles and collaborate to achieve client success


Parker&Morgan is a global brand with businesses in Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. Our world-class partners deliver brand-right experiences through their refined lenses of local practices and customs.  Global Guidelines


We’re helping to support a healthier planet through sustainable products, smart development and efficient operations.

We value diversity and inclusion and we believe our efforts will reach into the communities where we work and live.